Thursday, November 4, 2010


I often have customers ask "When do I trim my Shrubs, Day Lilly, Monkey Grass, etc?" I have a few tips that will hopefully help you out. During the growing season, trimming evergreen shrubs every three to four months to remove the dead or unwanted growth is healthy. You do not want to trim any shrub in the winter, this can cause unwanted damage to your plant. After finishing your trimming always take a leaf rake or your hand and gently remove all the cut foliage off the top of the plant. Doing this will keep your home looking good and unwanted damage at bay.
Trimming plants that bloom like Day Lilly's, Crape Myrtles, Azaleas and Roses are a little different. These plants all bloom on the new growth, meaning they will need to be cut back after they bloom. Day Lilly's usually bloom in the spring and summer months (depending on the variety). Once bloomed, they can be cut back, However their foliage is beautiful, so waiting until fall (just before the first frost) cut them back and mulch around them. Crape Myrtles should be cut back in late winter or early spring. To learn more visit my web site Azaleas should be cut back each time they bloom. Azaleas can be trimed with electric or hand healed sheers. Roses can be pruned or "deadheaded" after each bloom has started withering. This will help promote new blooms during the blooming season.
Monkey grass, Pampas Grass or Rooster Grass can be cut back four to six inches from the ground either in late fall or early spring and mulched around. Grasses usually have a beautiful fall color, which some people like. If you do not like the look of grasses in the winter cut them back in late fall. For more information visit my website

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