Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spring is coming.

Spring will be here before you know it. Are you ready? It may seem a bit early to be thinking about your spring planting, mulching, weeding or trimming. Most nursery and landscape company's have already got their spring plants ordered and soon to be on their way. It is good to get an idea of what you are wanting in your flower and shrub beds now, so you can get an early start on the spring plants before they are all sold. First things first, find out what is available and if you are wanting, a seasonal blooming plant (only blooming 2 to 4 weeks), annual (die in the winter and do not come back), perannual (die back in the winter and will come back), bulbs or all season blooming plants (usually lasting through the growing season). There are many types and colors to choose, making it difficult at times to pick the right plant for you, one suggestion is seeking a landscape specialist or local nursery to give you some help, if you have no idea where to start. Some landscape company's offer free estimates, can design a color theme, help you pick the right plant for your beds, can help you to determine what type of soil you have and if you will need a soil aminment. Be sure to clean your beds out before planting any new plants, meaning pulling all the weeds, trimming shrubs if needed, raking any leftover leaves, tilling or prepping the ground for the new plants and picking up any tree branches that have fallen over the winter. Doing this will make your yard look its best in them up coming spring. If you don't have time or the tools to do all yourself, seeking a landscape company may be best choice. If you would like more information seek a landscape professional like Roses Landscapes.

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